Jess Agüero

Designer, artist, chagemaker
Washington D.C.

UX / UI / Web Design

  3. MicroStrategy

Visual Design

  1. Print Design
  2. Illustrations - coming soon
  3. Branding

Visual Art

  1. Watercolors
  2. Aming Ligaya - coming soon
  3. Forever And - coming soon
  4. Maker - coming soon
  5. Virtual Worlds & the Sacred
    sculpture, painting
  6. Perfection
    solo exhibition

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In 2015 I redesigned the online competition platform

Changemakers is an initiative within Ashoka that offers online competitions and other opportunities that bring social entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, policy makers and activists together to accelerate change.

The Challenge

  • Changemakers used to only do online competitions but now they are building networks resulting from these online and in person engagements. They wanted landing pages that demonstrated this.
  • Changemakers is partnership based, meaning each project has a main collaborative funding partner that needs to be recognized on the site. Each partner has different visual requirements and colors. 
  • Many of these pages need to be available in multiple languages.

The Opportunity

  • The target audience for these pages is highly engaged. 
  • Because new partnerships are happening all the time, it was natural to iterate rapidly. 
  • Changemakers’s international team provided perspectives of users from their countries and regions.

The Solution

Because I developed a clear content strategy, audiences, and user journeys, the changemaker challenge websites became clearer and easier to use.



  • After interviews, I recognized that a key audience for these pages is partners. They want an idea of all the work Changemakers is doing that they have funded, not just the challenges. Impact: The new landing pages became a marketing tool for new partnerships. Partnership managers use them as proof of Changemakers’ work. 
  • The challenge content was moved to a separate challenge page leaving room for content on the page to inform visitors of the ecosystem the challenge is working in. Impact: Engagement on these pages increased for both our partners and our users. Partners saw the full impact of the initiative instead of just the challenge and users would return to this page for more resources. 
  • I systemitized our layout and design so that we were not recreating the pages from scratch for each partnership. Impact: We no longer offer to the partner new brands for each initiative. Instead we encourage them to use our template which saves time and resources. We no longer needed full time developers to work on the team in order to new landing pages.