Jess Agüero

Designer, artist, chagemaker
Washington D.C.

UX / UI / Web Design

  3. MicroStrategy

Visual Design

  1. Print Design
  2. Illustrations - coming soon
  3. Branding

Visual Art

  1. Watercolors
  2. Aming Ligaya - coming soon
  3. Forever And - coming soon
  4. Maker - coming soon
  5. Virtual Worlds & the Sacred
    sculpture, painting
  6. Perfection
    solo exhibition

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Latin Fluff Fundraiser Flyer

April 2019

Arts on the Block 2015 Recruitment Flyer

Benefit Honoree Posters

Adobe InDesign CS6
Posters that were hung at the Woodstock Artist Association & Museum for their annual fundraiser, the Benefit Splash, which honored two local artists.

Dead Lecturer Poster Series 

April 2012
Adobe Illustrator CS5, Adobe InDesign CS5

Egon Schiele Logo

April 2012
Adobe Illustrator CS5, watercolors

Symbols Series

March 2012
Adobe Illustrator CS5

¡Crear y Comunicar!

Fourteen-poster series for SIFE: Nicaragua exhibition
More about SIFE: Nicaragua
February 2012
Adobe InDesign CS5, Adobe Illustrator CS5

DVD Label and case for Optometry's Meeting

Case - Adobe InDesign CS4, label - Adobe Illustrator CS4

DVD mailing envelope for Parkinson's Disease: In the Crossfire 2010 conference

Adobe InDesign CS4
Based on previously designed invitations to the event.