Jess Agüero

Designer, artist, chagemaker
Washington D.C.

UX / UI / Web Design

  3. MicroStrategy

Visual Design

  1. Print Design
  2. Illustrations - coming soon
  3. Branding

Visual Art

  1. Watercolors
  2. Aming Ligaya - coming soon
  3. Forever And - coming soon
  4. Maker - coming soon
  5. Virtual Worlds & the Sacred
    sculpture, painting
  6. Perfection
    solo exhibition

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Virtual Worlds and the Sacred: Using the Artificial to Portray the Inexplicable is a series of work funded by an undergraduate research grant from Carnegie Mellon University that explores human spirituality, failure, and the beautiful unknown.

Heaven II

May 2013
Dimensions vary
Fabric, balloons
Duration: three weeks

The Night and the Day Are Both Alike

Acrylic paint, washable markers
28" x 42"

God's Arms

Oil paint, acrylic paint, washable markers
March 2013
30" x 18"